About HEREs

In the Partner Countries from Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership, Southern Mediterranean countries and Central Asia, the National Teams of Higher Education Reform Experts provide a pool of expertise to local authorities and stakeholders to promote reform and enhance progress in higher education


They participate in the development of policies in higher education in their respective country. HERE activities are based on "peer to peer" contacts. Each national team consists of five to fifteen members. The HEREs are experts in the field of higher education (rectors, vice-rectors, deans, senior academics, international relations officers, students etc.).

The mission of the HEREs involves supporting:

  • policy development in their respective countries, by supporting modernisation, reform processes and strategies in higher education, in close contact with the local authorities concerned;
  • policy dialogue with the EU in the field of higher education;
  • training and counselling activities targeted at local stakeholders, in particular higher education institutions and their staff;
  • Erasmus+ projects (in particular those implemented under the Capacity-building Action) by disseminating their results and outcomes, notably good practices and innovative initiatives and exploiting these for training purposes.