Institutional structures for the management of internationalisation and mobility


The expert team observed that German universities have developed a very professional sistem of services and support for the institutional internalization dedicated to staff and students. They found out that HEIs in Germany created international networks of students and staff, aimed at improving the quality of vocational training, research and to increase the performance of universities and graduates.

During their visit, the representatives of HEREs conculed that Moldovan universities are in the early phase of internationalisation and have to undertake a series of initiatives in order to develop this mechanism:  

  • improvement of the staff and students’ language knowledge (English, German, French);
  • enhancing the capacity of the International Relations Offices, including persons in charge of organisation of staff and student mobility;
  • development of internationalisation strategies at the institutional level with an objective action plan that would allow to start the strengthening of the  internationalisation process;
  • reinforcing the institutional partnerships with European universities in order to identify the best practices and to adapt them to the local context;
  • ensuring broader access to mobility opportunities for staff and students; improvement of student and staff support services related to international mobility.

Berlin, Germany, May 18-19, 2015