VET in Moldova

The Erasmus+ Programme offers European vocational education and training institutions the opportunity to enter into partnerships with non-EU institutions and to develop mobility programs, international cooperation programs for capacity building and staff development in countries outside the EU.

In the Republic of Moldova there are the following types of vocational education and training institutions:
a) secondary technical vocational education institutions - vocational schools;
b) non-tertiary and post-secondary non-tertiary technical vocational education institutions - colleges;
c) technical vocational education institutions with combined programmes - centers of excellence.

Vocational education and training is a level of education anchored to the current economic and social processes, but also to the prospective ones. Thus, in the context of the reform of the educational system in the Republic of Moldova, vocational education and training must become flexible and competitive, oriented to the requirements of the labor market.

The Education Code of the Republic of Moldova adopted in 2014 offers opportunities for modernisation of vocational education and training. These opportunities refer both to the consolidation of the technical base of the educational institutions and to the development of human resources, as well as to the curricular development.

The educational offer of the vocational education and training institutions in the country is varied and includes more than 80 trades and 100 specialties and is adjusted every year to the needs of the labor market.