The reunion of Higher Education Reform Experts in Moldova

The reunion of Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs) took place on April 9, at the headquarters of the National Erasmus+ Office in Moldova. Several topics were on the discussion agenda, addressed with the aim of outlining a concrete plan for the next period and establishing viable strategies for strengthening the work of the HEREs team in Moldova.

Among the main topics addressed during the meeting were:

1. HERE work plan for 2024:

The meeting participants reviewed the detailed action plan for the current year, focusing on the priorities in the sphere of higher education in Moldova, as well as on the technical assistance mission-type seminars to be organized with the support of the HEREs team in Moldova, as well as of the SPHERE international consortium. It includes experts from the European University Association (EUA), which represents more than 800 universities in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), as well as 33 national rectors' councils.

2. HEREs international activities in 2023 and 2024:

The experts analysed and evaluated the activities carried out within the international events that were or will be organized by the SPHERE international consortium during this period.

3. HEREs local activities:

In addition to international collaboration, special attention was also paid to local initiatives. The experts discussed the technical assistance mission (TAM) seminars that were or will be organized during 2024, in order to support higher education institutions in Moldova in promoting academic excellence and implementing local reforms.

4. Ways to make the work more efficient/amplify the impact of HEREs team's actions:

Participants looked at ways to optimize the work of HEREs team in order to amplify the impact of their actions. Strategies were proposed for better communication and collaboration between all actors involved in the HEREs team in Moldova.

5. Launch of the Eurydice network in Moldova:

During the event, we communicated about the launch of the Eurydice Network in Moldova at the beginning of 2024, which will support European cooperation in the field of education and increase access to information about the sphere of education and training in the Republic of Moldova.

The meeting represented a platform for the exchange of ideas, the identification of best practices and the establishment of a common framework of action for the improvement of higher education in Moldova. Through ongoing collaboration and commitment, experts and authorities will continue to work together to ensure qualitative higher education relevant to the needs of modern society.