Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility for students video clip


The National Erasmus+ Office in Moldova has realized a video clip dedicated to the students who have already experienced Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program and have had the opportunity to see the world from a new perspective. These are the students from Moldova who've ventured into this experience, and have accepted it with all its challenges and, especially with its beautiful moments, while studying at international universities from around Europe. All that, in order to become more tolerant, more open for the new things, bolder, more independent and proud of their home country and university. 


More than 6000 students and university staff from Moldova have benefited through the years of Erasmus+ mobilities. The program offers mobilities for students with a duration of 3-12 months in EU universities, with a monthly scholarship of €800-900, in order to welcome them back home with new linguistic competencies, spirit of initiative and double employment chances.