Jean Monnet Action: The selection results for 2017


198 projects aimed to promote the excellence in teaching and researching EU studies at the global level will be funded this year by the Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission.

Such a module will be also presented in Moldova at the Institute of International Relations.

The course will explain the role of the migration as a defining factor of influence on the EU security.

The selection includes the following actions:

Jean Monnet Modules, Chairs and Centres of Excellence

Jean Monnet Support to Associations

Jean Monnet Networks and Jean Monnet Projects

In the selection process, the commission gives priority to the projects that will enhance and innovate the study programs that cover EU's activity, will increase universities' capacities to attract best students, and will increase the HEI's budget for teaching and research on EU subjects.

Acțiunea Jean Monnet: Rezultatele selecției pentru 2017