Selection results 2023: Capacity Building in the field of VET

The European Executive Agency for Education and Culture (EACEA) has published the results of 2023 selection for Capacity Building in Vocational Education and Training projects (CBVET). Therefore, 62 projects have been recommended for funding, three of them having institutions from the Republic of Moldova as partners.

Capacity building projects are international cooperation projects based on multilateral partnerships between organisations active in the field of VET in EU Member States and third countries associated to the Programme, and third countries not associated to the Programme (the rest of the world, including the Republic of Moldova). They aim to support the relevance, accessibility, and responsiveness of VET institutions and systems in third countries not associated to the Programme as a driver of sustainable socio-economic development.

A short description of the three projects is presented below:

1. PPF-VET - Preparing the Past for the Future: A VET Capacity Building Initiative for Monument and Building Restoration in the Republic of Moldova

Coordinating institution: BK PLUS EUROPE LTD (Cyprus)

Partner institutions from Moldova: Centre of excellence in construction; Public Institution Vocational School no. 7, Chisinau; Center for Innovation and Policies in Moldova

Partner institutions from EU: Zespol Szkol Budownictwa Nr 1 (Poland), Rigas Makslas Un Mediju Tehnikums (Latvia)

2. FARMKEEN - Fostering the next generation of farmers in the Republic of Moldova through work-based learning and integrating sustainability in agricultural VET

Coordinating institution: Asociatia Centrul Roman de Politici Europene (Romania)

Partner institutions from Moldova: Institutia Publica Scoala Profesionala, comuna Bubuieci; I. P. Centrul de Excelenta in Horticultura si Tehnologii Agricole din Taul; Asociatia Obsteasca Centrul pentru Educatie Antreprenoriala și Asistenta în Afaceri

Partner institutions from EU: Fundatia Worldskills (Romania), Stichting Aeres Groep (Netherlands)

3. IN-VET - INVEsT in you: promote international traineeship programs for Armenian, Georgian and Moldovan students in Central Europe

Coordinating institution: Gyorsan Energikusan Extremen Kodolo Club Egyesulet (Hungary)

Partner institutions from Moldova: Agentia Nationala de Asigurare a Calitatii în Educatie și Cercetare

Partner institutions from EU: Asociatia Dezvolta-ma - Develop Me (Romania), Ignis plus, n.o. (Slovakia)

Partner institutions outside EU: Skills Agency (Georgia), Youth Cooperation Centre Of Dilijan NGO (Armenia)