HERE Annual Conference 2017 EU and its Neighbours: Higher Education Policy and Cooperation


The 2017 HERE conference will be an occasion to take stock of the HERE activities, and to look at national and global higher education development trends.

It will focus in particular on the regional, bi-lateral and bi-regional policy frameworks that shape and enable higher education reforms, exchanges and collaboration, which also contribute more broadly so social and economic development and have an important polticial and diplomatic function.

In this regard, the conference will consider the relations between Partner countries and the EU, based on both the EU Neighbourhood policy and the European Higher Edcuation Area, to which all EU and many HERE counties adhere.

The conference will showcase how the work of the HERE contributes to the implementation of objectives developed and agreed under those frameworks. HERE will have the opportunity to showcase results of Technical Assistance Missions, learn about the relevance of their outcomes for other countries and regions and draw connections been different HERE events and topics with regards to higher education reform and how it supports grand societal challenges and international relations.