The first 2018’ meeting of the Higher Education Reform Experts team


The National Erasmus+ Office to the Republic of Moldova has hosted the first 2018’ meeting of the Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs) team.

The event outputs have been to discuss the activity plan of the Moldovan HEREs, with a focus on both the international and national events, and to highlight the national legislative priorities in the field of higher education.

Hence, this year, with the HEREs team participation, will be organised two technical assistance missions on the improvement of academic professional competencies of university staff and concerning the International Academic Mobility management improvement as a boost for HEIs internationalisation.

On the international dimension, the Moldovan experts are expected to take part in three study visits, a seminar, and an annual conference. Following the international events, the experts should organise special events at the national or/and in the home institutions in order to share the acquired experience.

The list of the HEREs Moldova team is available HERE.

Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE) have been tasked to contribute to higher education reforms in their specific countries neighboring the EU, including the Republic of Moldova, yet at the same time serve as an important diplomatic tool and policy dialogue channels for the European Union. HERE also play and can further play a very concrete role in the further implementation of the Bologna Process in Bologna signatory countries.