COVID19: important info for beneficiaries of Erasmus+ programs


Erasmus+ is by nature a program focused on students and academics moving between countries in order to participate in educational programs. The measures taken currently against the spread of COVID19 have had undoubtedly a major impact on all mobilities. Therefore, the European Commission has assessed that the given circumstances constitute force majeure and trigger more flexibility in the way mobilities are managed and the costs are eligible.

Moreover, the European Commission reminded that its main objective is the safety and protection of the International Credit Mobility beneficiaries. The institution recommends applying the principle of maximum flexibility for each student individually, in order to avoid them getting into precarious situations in the conditions of the current epidemy.

Students and academics who are currently in academic mobility should be in permanent contact with their host and home universities. Also, we remind you about the assistance which should be offered by the embassies, consulates and honorific consulates from the country of residence.

The European Commission’s approach is also available on EC and EACEA’s websites: 

For international mobilities 
For projects 

Students' FAQs and explanations on specific situations can be found by consulting the webinar : COVID19 implications on Erasmus+ students

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