Innovating learning and teaching: the next phase of the Bologna Process


The main seminar objective was to explore innovative teaching and learning practices, and to promote them in higher education institutions. Here are the most relevant conclusions of the experts delegated from Republic of Moldova: 

  • in order to achieve the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy, the Higher Education sector should focus on the improvement of the education quality and relevance;
  • university studies must comply with the employers requirements and the student-based learning approach is in fact a method aimed to develop competences which would correspond to employer’s needs;
  • innovation in teaching and learning requires a new approach of students, teachers and, in general, a new institutional approach, which requires primarily human resources, ready to practice new methods and tools based on research and ICT;
  • education and research is the basis of the new generation specialists;
  • Moldovan Universities should be more actively involved in redesigning curricula in order to implement innovative teaching methods and student-centred learning.

All the news of the seminar were distributed to relevant university departments: quality assurance, carrier guidance and counselling etc. 

Tbilisi, Georgia, December 3-4, 2015